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Eminent Domain

Eminent Domain • Eminent Domain is the right of the government to acquire private property for public purposes upon payment of just compensation. Condemnation is the actual process that will occur to acquire that private property. • The US and … Read More..

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10 Things to do before listing your home

10 Things to do before listing your home! When getting ready to list your home it is imperative that you make it look it’s best without costing a fortune! Everyone wants top dollar for their property so here are 10 … Read More..

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The Maryland Tax Appeal Process

Maryland Tax Appeal Process In past years the real estate market has seen property values rise and fall. Through all of these changes property owners sometimes feel that the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation’s estimate of their property value … Read More..

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Appraisals at The Robinson Appraisal Group, LLC. are of the highest quality, such is our work ethic. Our appraisals are always completed in a prompt and courteous manner as quickly as possible and at the lowest cost we can offer. … Read More..