What is a 203k Loan?

What is a 203k Loan???? The FHA 203k renovation loan program provides funds for both the purchase and renovation of a home packaged into one mortgage loan.  Additional guidelines are set forth specific to 203k loans to provide for renovation … read more

Property Inspection Waiver

Fannie Mae Guidelines for the Appraiser

Fannie Mae Guidelines for the Appraiser The Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae) is a Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs), which means it is backed by the government but they are not part of the government. Fannie Mae does not directly offer mortgage loans … read more

Fannie MAE’s New Collateral Underwriter

By A Prominent Harford County Appraiser.. With more things being added to the Harford and Baltimore County appraiser workload now comes the arrival of Fannie Mae’s newest national risk management tool known as the “Collateral Underwriter”, also referred to as … read more

Appraiser in Maryland

Become an Appraiser in Maryland

How does someone become an Appraiser in Maryland? To become a real property appraiser, you will need to obtain education and experience, then pass a state-administered licensing or certification exam. One of the best ways to gain experience is to … read more

Reverse Mortgages

Reverse Mortgages

Reverse Mortgages A Reverse Mortgage is a special type of loan that enables individuals, aged 62 or older, to convert some of their home’s equity into tax-free cash. Unlike traditional equity loans, no repayment is required until the home is … read more

Baltimore harbor

FHA Appraisals

FHA Appraisals FHA appraisers perform many of the same functions as appraisers for conventional loans, but with a few extras. Since FHA loans are government-insured and designed to provide safe housing, there are specific things that FHA appraisals must examine … Read More..

Estate Appraisal Service

Estate Appraisal

The Estate Appraisal ……where to begin? Coping with the loss of a family member or loved one may be one of the hardest challenges that many of us face. In addition to coping and dealing with that loss it is … Read More..

Great Building Ideas For Your New Home

Great Building Ideas For your New Home READY, SET, BUILD!!! Ideas from New Construction Appraisals.. Excitement, anticipation and joy are in the air after decisions on the last details of your dream home have been made. You know exactly what … Read More..

real estate market trends

Current Real Estate Market Trends

Current Real Estate Market Trends In Maryland Trend analysis is determined by a pool of property data with commonalities over a certain period of time. Within this article data from 3 separate neighborhoods with specific parameters were analyzed.  The 3 … Read More..

FHA Appraisals

Appraisal Terminology

Appraisal Terminology Abatement – Abatement is an official reduction or invalidation of an assessed valuation after the initial assessment for ad valorem taxation has been completed; the termination of a nuisance; a reduction in rent levels that a landlord charges … Read More..

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Need an appraisal? Call today..

If you need an appraisal in Maryland Call Kenneth Robinson.. Ken Robinson has over 32 years of experience, and began appraising in 1982 as a trainee with his father, a well-known appraiser in the Baltimore area. Ken continued his training … Learn More..

Baltimore Appraisals

Eminent Domain

Eminent Domain • Eminent Domain is the right of the government to acquire private property for public purposes upon payment of just compensation. Condemnation is the actual process that will occur to acquire that private property. • The US and … Read More..