Maryland Property Appraisals – Jerold Vega

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Mr. Jerold C. Vega has over twenty four (28) years of professional experience in the real estate and property appraisal field. He is familiar with Maryland Real Estate law, accounting and the appraisal of residential property. Mr. Vega possesses a Maryland Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser License.

Jerold received his A.A. in 1987 at The Harford Community College and went on to further his education as a graduate of The University of Baltimore with a B.S. in Business Administration in 1990.

He then went on to gain a firm education in property appraisal at The GBBR & Appraisal Insitute and The Hightower Institute. By 1993 Jerold had mastered several areas of course work such as Foundations of Real Estate Appraisals, Appraising a Single Family Residence, Capitalization of Income, Leasehold/Leased Fee Interests, Real Estate Law, Real Estate Appraising, Property Appraising Methodologies, Accounting and several more seminars and courses.

Jerold has been a certified residential property appraiser with The Robinson Appraisal Group since 1995. He specialized in residential, FHA, multi-family and relocation appraisals.