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The Rise of Multigenerational Living

A Response to Housing Affordability Challenges The Baltimore metropolitan area, encompassing Baltimore City and surrounding areas to include Baltimore County, Howard County, Anne Arundel, Carroll County and others have witnessed a notable trend: an increasing number of families choosing multigenerational … Read More..

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Housing Shortage in Maryland

Maryland is facing a serious housing shortage that is impacting the entire state, but especially the Baltimore Metropolitan area. The low inventory of available homes combined with high interest rates has made it difficult for potential buyers to find an … Read More..

Do Rising Interest Rates Affect Real Estate?

Interest rates play a crucial role in the housing market. Lower rates typically promote an increase in demand for properties, this in turn drives up pricing, while on the flip side of that, higher interest rates reduce the demand since … Read more

Appraising Real Estate During a Pandemic

Along with the rest of the world appraisers have had to adapt to all things Covid. Being in an industry where you are entering into homes, being in one another’s personal space and typical interaction has become alarmingly apparent of … Read More..

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Is Fannie Mae Recruiting New Appraisers??

Could this be true? Is Fannie Mae trying to recruit new appraisers to enter the field? It seems as though over the past decade Fannie Mae has been trying to minimize and reduce the role of the appraiser with proposed … Read More..

Hybrid Appraisal

What is a Hybrid Appraisal?

A hybrid appraisal is a valuation completed by a Licensed/Certified appraiser that is very similar to a desktop appraisal. It is a shorter appraisal form than the traditional appraisal and is performed by an appraiser who typically never visits the … read more

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Get the quality appraisal you need

Here at Robinson Appraisal Group, we will give you an accurate and detailed report on the quality and value of your home. We offer competitive pricing and electronic ordering and delivery to make life a bit easier for you as … read more

Baltimore Trends and the Outlook for 2019

Buyers and sellers are in for another nail biting year of making predictions regarding the Baltimore metropolitan market. There seems to be a slightly harder road ahead than last year due to the future of the Federal Fund Rate. Interest … Read More..

Fannie Mae Changes 2018

The one thing that always remains constant is change. As appraisers in this ever changing industry we have seen changes in the market, technology, bank requirements, emergence of management companies and appraisal form changes. The most recent Fannie Mae change … read more

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An Estate Sale Appraisal Process

An Estate Sale Appraisal Process After 25 years of handling estate sale appraisal in the Baltimore Metropolitan area I have seen my fair share of estate sales. But what is an estate sale? An estate sale means a person has … Read More..