Baltimore Trends and the Outlook for 2019

Buyers and sellers are in for another nail biting year of making predictions regarding the Baltimore metropolitan market. There seems to be a slightly harder road ahead than last year due to the future of the Federal Fund Rate. Interest … Read More..

Fannie Mae Changes 2018

The one thing that always remains constant is change. As appraisers in this ever changing industry we have seen changes in the market, technology, bank requirements, emergence of management companies and appraisal form changes. The most recent Fannie Mae change … read more

estate sale appraisal

An Estate Sale and the Appraisal Process

After 25 years of appraising properties Baltimore Metropolitan area I have seen my fair share of estate sales. But what is an estate sale? An estate sale means a person has died and the party/parties that inherited the property are … Read More..

housing shorting

Why is there a housing shorting???

Are you one of the people scouring the internet for the perfect house, driving around your favorite neighborhoods hoping to see a For Sale By Owner sign, stalking the “Coming Soon” house advertised and stressing out about what will be … read more

Appraiser Qualifications

Will Appraiser Qualifications Change in 2018?

As appraisers are dropping out and retiring from the appraisal field due to strict guidelines on qualifications and education requirements the AQB (Appraiser Qualifications Board) has been rethinking the current set of standards applied to Licensed and Certified Appraisers. The … Read More..

Property Inspection Waiver

Enhanced Property Inspection Waiver

Fannie Mae has a new automated underwriting system called the “enhanced property inspection waiver” program. Fannie Mae’s no appraisal offer applies to refinance loans on single family homes or condos up to $1 million and Fannie Mae must have a … Read More..

Property Inspection Waiver

Fannie Mae Easing their Standards

LOAN NOT APPROVED! This is the last thing a potential buyer wants to hear from a bank when trying to purchase a home, but now with Fannie Mae easing the financial standards of the debt to income (DTI) ratio. The … Read More..

Listing Shortage

Listing Shortage!!!

Already this year we have seen a shortage in the supply of homes on the market. With the beginning of the spring season upon us buyers are waiting with bated breath ready to pounce on the purchase of their new … Read More..

The New Home Dilemma

Buying new construction has decision making every step of the way…what floor plan to choose, what options, what trends will last and should I wait and upgrade that myself rather than paying the builder such a premium? From an appraisal … Read More..

in-law suite

The In-Law Suite

We all want to live the “suite” life….but this one involves a change in your life to include your aging parents moving in with you. As the Baby Boomer generation is getting older we see more multi generational families living under … Read More..